Improve Your Kids Clothes Life Cycle with our Landry Tips

If you are already one of our loyal Koco Bino customers, you know that we design high quality and very stylish kids clothes.

Renovating our kids’ closets every season with a whole range of new garments can be costly. We believe that it is important that our kids understand the importance of looking after their own clothes. And that’s why it is advisable that every household follows certain rules, which are quite easy for everyone to stick to.

We are here to help so we have written our very own “List of Laundry Rules”, which we are very happy to share with all of you. Let’s make sure your kids clothes stay in good condition for longer… Are you ready? Here they are!

  1. Everyone Should Help: Laundry is not just one person’s responsibility. Moms typically help more than anyone else at home, they pretty much do everything. The good news is that laundry is one of those easy tasks that everyone can help with! Kids clothes should be your childs responsibility within reason according to their age.
  2. Dirty Laundry goes in the Laundry Basket: This might take a bit of time and patience…But we must remind our kids that their dirty clothes are not thrown on the floor. Dirty laundry must be kept in the laundry basket.
  3.  Clothes in the laundry basket must be dirty: Let’s make our kids aware that water is a precious resource, and we are privileged to have easy access to it every time we open the tap. The more laundry we have, the more water we waste. The more we wash our kids clothes, the shorter the life cycle will be. Let’s all help our planet!
  4. Don’t leave clothes inside out in the laundry basket: If your kids get into the habit of leaving their clothes the right way “out”, this will save you a major amount of time. Not only that but clothes will clean much better!
  5. No balled-up socks in the laundry: Underwear and socks are always dirty after one wear, right? Kids remove their own socks in the most special techniques leaving countless balls in your laundry basket. They won’t be washed properly if we don’t unroll them and once again, it will take you a huge amount of time to sort this out.
  6. Check all pockets: How many times have you found tissues, stickers, leaves or stones inside the washing machine? These external objects can destroy your kids clothes while trying to wash them and not only that… You might have to deal with a broken washing machine!

We hope you found our rules helpful and we managed to make your life a bit easier today.