Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais is and American brand founded by the Australian Raegan Moya-Jones. When Raegan’s first daughter was born, she struggled to find swaddling blankets made of muslin cotton in the United States. This became her business idea and her mission!

Many of you might be wondering what the big fuss about muslin cotton is… this cloth is one of the softest, purest and most gentle fabrics in the entire world. It is absolutely perfect and very advisable to be used against the delicate skin of babies.

Since 2006, Aden and Anais has become a brand of reference for parents all over the world. This is no exaggeration at all… The Aden and Anais collection is currently sold in 65 countries and is now available in South Africa.

This wide collection has achieved several awards. The high quality of the fabric makes any of Aden and Anais  products ideal for the little ones and the variety of designs are very practical and a basic in any baby’s nursery: blankets, sleeping bags, multi-purpose swaddles and burpy bibs to name but a few of their popular items.  The Aden and Anais Collection is a must have!

The star product of this range is the swaddling blankets. It has been proven that swaddling young babies has great benefits. Wrapping your newborn baby with a blanket offers warmth and security until the internal thermostat kicks in. This technique not only avoids babies being disturbed by their own startle reflex but also assists with the so common and uncomfortable problem of winding baby..

The importance of using swaddling blankets is the reason why Aden and Anais has designed their own range of swaddling blankets made of muslin cotton. This is a very breathable fabric and extremely gentle against the babies skin. We invite you to visit our store and check out all the beautiful prints available.