Cinnamon and Sue

Cinnamon and Sue is a South African company which imports unique accessories and exclusive soft toys for kids.

The list of brands and products which Cinnamon and Sue offers is very extensive. This company has brought award winning products into our country. Their track record speaks for itself with having had great success in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia. They are always in search of unique products which are either creative inventions or high-end quality products within a specific field.

We list hereunder some of the brands, under the Cinnamon and Sue umbrella, that we stock at Koco Bino:

  • Doudou et Compagnie: This brand offers a wide range of the most stylish doudou blankets and soft toys. The superior quality of every item can be notably appreciated by not only the softness but also by the beautiful, exclusive packaging.
  • Histoire d’Ours: Also specialises in soft toys and teddy bears. This French brand manufactures original but classic soft toys which are the perfect special gift for any baby, toddler or child to treasure for life.
  • Cheeky Chompers: This clever invention was successfully pitched  TV during the transmission of Dragons Den UK. With this backing it is now sold worldwide. This is the first neckerchew…. a dribble bib and comfortchew in one.
  • Cuddledry: Made of cashmere-soft bamboo & cotton. This apron is great for moms to avoid the messiness at bath time and for babies to keep warm and cuddly after the bathing session.
  • Gummee Glove: teething can be a very tricky stage for babies. This teething mitten is recommended for babies from the age of 3 to 6 months and offers some relief to the little ones while assisting with their stimulation.


If you are looking for something special and different, Cinnamon and Sue is certainly the brand which you can count on. Visit us in store and find that unique gift to surprise.