Elegant Baby

If you are looking for a stylish gift, you need to talk to us about Elegant Baby. This brand offers a beautiful collection of baby products where style meets tradition.

We stock many of the Elegant Baby products in our store. See the list below for some of our customer’s favourite items:

  • Headbands: The head accessories like the headbands designed by Elegant Baby are unique and truly make a statement. Big bows and flowers are the stunning details chosen to dress up the soft elastic bands. These are lovely for special occasions and are also very gentle on the heads of the little ones.
  • Knitted blankets: The wide range of knitted blankets is a classic. These blankets of great quality are available in softer or brighter colours; from the traditional white, baby blue and soft pink to more striking colours like orange or green. There surely is an Elegant Baby blanket for everyone!
  • Christening gifts: This brand offers a wide range of beautiful gifts for this special occasion. Money boxes, christening certificates, silver plated frames and rattles; these are some of the items you can choose from.
  • Soft toys: Elegant baby is all about being traditional in the modern times. This explains the range of soft toys that this brand designs. Teddy bears, bunnies, cute mice,… a wide selection available also as doudou blankets
  • Socks: Presented beautifully inside boxes of either six or three pairs, the stylish Elegant Baby socks are a must have. Available in different colours and styles, this brand’s socks are the most stylish basic that you can find.
  • Knitted jackets and beanies: These beautiful sets are a classic and ideal for the colder months. Available also in soft and bright colours. These are solid  basics to build your baby’s winter wardrobe around.

As you can see, Elegant Baby offers many possibilities. This stunning collection won’t disappoint when looking for that special gift.