If you are a fan of soft toys, you must know about Jellycat. This brand designs and manufactures the softest and the most adorable bunnies, giraffes, dogs, cats, elephants, etc… in the entire industry of soft toys!

In 1999, Jellycat was produced in London with the vision of creating a range of original, cutting-edge soft toys. In order to achieve this, the designers were very particular about the fabrics that are used in their factories across the globe. Not only is great care taken about the use of fabrics but they are continuously in search of creating cuteness and quirkiness in every single one of the new characters joining their wide collection

The quality of the Jellycat soft toys is outstanding and all it takes is just a quick squeeze of one of their creations to understand what all the fuss is about. These irresistible creatures are not only extremely cuddly but are also hilariously humorous. These make the perfect gift for all ages.

Every year, Jellycat launches two new collections, one in January and one in June. They manage to keep up with the latest trends whilst still retaining the classic character of their product. There are many Jellycat collectors who look forward to the new creations season after season. Beware!! You might become addicted to these sweet and perfect little toys.

Koco Bino became one of the first stockists of Jellycat soft toys in South Africa. We love every single one of their designs. We swear by the quality of these soft toys and we believe that they are a great gift for any child. These loveable toys are a gift for life, a very cuddly companion to build childhood memories with.

Visit our store and choose from a wide range of animals, colours, designs and sizes. We have the perfect Jellycat waiting for you to be taken to their new home sweet home. See you soon!