For many of our customers the brand Greenleaf and its fascinating range are not unknown. However, when new customers walk into our store, one of the first questions they ask is, why does your store smell so good? The answer is easy: the amazing Greenleaf collection.

Greenleaf is an American brand that started its journey in 1975 as a home business. Over the years they have worked on a wide selection of unique fragrances of the highest quality, which are now sold in over 90 countries. From the very popular scented sachets to the reed diffusers and room sprays, this fantastic range will bring the most fascinating and freshest smells into your home.

We are lucky enough to have them as one of our loyal suppliers as this range is certainly unique and only available in few exclusive stores in South Africa.

One of the main reasons we feel so proud of selling Greenleaf products in our store is the quality of all the fragrances and the beautiful packaging, which is always ideal for special gifts.
After many years of producing and selling the baby powder scented sachets, Greenleaf has recently launched a whole new baby range. Those who already use this product, will confirm that the smell of the baby powder sachets in their babies’ nurseries is exceptional. They certainly won’t be disappointed with the new fragrances:

  • Bouncy baby (White cotton)
  • Cuddly baby (fresh powder)
  • Sleepy baby (lavender)
  • Snuggly baby (sweet powder)

All of the new Greenleaf fragrances are designed using a special technology that promotes the elimination and absorption of unpleasant odours. Struggling to fight the smell of diapers in your home or getting rid of the smell of milk in your car? The entire Greenleaf Baby range will be your best ally.

Wait no more! Come to our store, choose your favourite fragrance and start enjoying these wonderful scents in every room of your home.