Formal wear for stylish boys

There is a special celebration around the corner, and you may need help with decent formal wear to dress your little boy. We know it! And yes, it can become an exceedingly difficult task.

One of our brand’s biggest secret formulas is that we always listen to our customers, especially their wants and their needs. We have, over the years, listened to you and have come to realize how difficult it is to find stylish and high-quality formal clothes for the youngsters of the house.

Let’s be honest… not only brides stress out about their wedding day! Guests too, can find themselves in a bit of a position when finding the perfect outfit proves to be mission impossible.

Therefore, we have put our designer brains to work and we have made sure that Koco Bino for Kids offers a wide range of formal garments and accessories to dress babies and boys like young little gentlemen. Perfect and ready to shine in all the most important events of life!

Allow us to make your little boy look dapper with our beautiful selection of boys’ formal wear. From Christening gowns or sailor outfits to 5pc classic suits or even a little bit trendier and funkier. We have it all!

Navy, black, stone and white are the colours we have chosen to be part of our classic formal wear range for boys. Every season, we offer blazers, pants, and waistcoats in the four classic colours and these are always matched with shirts, moccasins and the most adorable bow ties and hats. From time to time, however, we have fun bringing more funky prints and styles into our classic range.

Our formal wear range will not disappoint you. Visit us in our Sandton City store or browse our online store and be blown away by our formal wear collection. We guarantee that we will transform your little boy into the most sophisticated gentleman in every room.