Top trending baby nursery ideas for 2021

There have been many headlines and comments about the possibility of another Baby Boom in 2021, mainly since we were in lockdown for quite a few months of the current year. Will that be the case? We cannot really tell for now, but we want to be ready for all parents who will have to get their baby’s nursery ready next year.

Many of the trends we saw during 2020 will still be at the top of the list, and this has been the case for a couple of years now. There has been a major tendency in keeping baby’s nurseries simple and practical, while introducing more modern and customisable decorative elements. Name signs and wall decal packs are often the preferred elements in order to bring your own unique touch into your baby’s nursery.

Without further ado, let us get to the real business here…

Gender neutral baby nurseries

This is always a great option, especially for first time parents. Keeping walls and furniture in neutral colours keeps opportunities open for hand-me-downs when its time to expand the family with baby number two. White, cream, grey, black, duck egg… the opportunities are endless!

YES to pastels!

The softness of pastel colours tends to awaken feelings of calmness and relaxation in any space. Soft millennial pink, light azure, creamy mint and whimsy yellow, these are some of the colours that will be trending next year.

Sweet, spacious nursery room interior for a baby girl with white furniture, pastel pink decorations and golden polka dot wallpaper

Scandinavian look is king

For the last couple of years, the Nordic look has been a top trend in home deco. The simplicity and practicality has conquered the space of many homes and baby’s nurseries. There is a lot of beauty in this style that offers clean lines, warm and cosy textures as well as soft-coloured walls. This also allows you to make a few changes here and there as your baby grows.

The wilderness

We all love to be out and about and to travel to far away lands where we can appreciate the beauty of our planet. Who doesn’t? We can bring all this into our baby’s nursery room including decorative elements that remind us of the wilderness. Let them start planning great adventures from a young age.

Rainbow nursery rooms

Can’t decide on a specific colour? Why not Bring them all in!! A clear and strong new trend that we see everywhere! Kids rooms and playrooms offer great opportunities to have loads of fun while decorating. Be creative and splash out with your colour palette.

At Koco Bino, we offer a wide range of baby furniture and deco ideas. Keep up with the new trends for your baby’s nursery and get in touch with our team if you need our assistance.