Things to Consider When Buying Baby Shoes

One of the biggest milestones in a baby’s journey is when they first start walking. This happens around the baby’s 1st birthday, however, there are babies who can’t wait to start discovering the world on their own and some others that decide that being pushed in a stroller for a little bit longer is much more comfortable and easy.

This is often when parents come to our store seeking advice about buying baby shoes. Especially as new parents, and will often find this task more challenging and have many questions and doubts. When is the right time to buy the first pair of shoes? What style of shoe is advisable to purchase to start with? …


We are going to try to answer some of these questions on this blog, so please continue reading..

  1. First things first, when is it time to buy the first pair of shoes? Our opinion is as soon as the baby starts standing on her own. This means that in a matter of weeks the baby will start walking on her own and the first steps will become easier if the baby’s feet are used to the feeling of wearing shoes.
  2. Consider a soft, non-slip sole style as a first baby shoe. Baby will carry on using socks indoors; but when going out and about, you might want your baby to wear shoes. It is a safe way for you to allow her to carry on with her attempts to stand up and walk without help.
  3. Once your baby is mobile, you might have to consider a baby shoe that offers more stability. Look for a flexible style that it is also firm, so you ensure that she is stable. Try to avoid hard and rigid shoes that might make your child feel uncomfortable.
  4. It is important, once again, that the sole is non-slip. These are usually made of rubber.
  5. Lastly, try to avoid purchasing shoes with laces. Baby shoes with velcro or buckles are best. Your baby will learn how to put them on easier and you will find the task of dressing your child much more pleasant.

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