Mima Xari: The truth behind the style

We are fairly sure that you will have noticed the very stylish Mima Xari pram during one of your walks within any of our country’s shopping centres. Truth be told, it is difficult not to have your eyes drawn towards this gorgeous pram.

If you and your partner are expecting a baby now, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with the number of prams and strollers available on the market. If Mima Xari is one of your options, we highly recommend that you continue reading this blog. We are about to review this pram and expose the pros and cons of this popular brand.

1.Customise your own!

This is without a doubt one of our favourite features for this pram. When purchasing a Mima Xari, you are able to choose the colour of the chassis, the colour of the seat box, as well as the cushion style. How awesome is that! The options are wide, and you will be able to build your dream pram.

2.Prompt and efficient service

As retailers, we can guarantee that this is an especially important point that not all parents happen to consider. Thankfully, the agency in charge of Mima Kids and all its range in South Africa offers a great and exceptionally reliable service. We have been working in a partnership for over 7 years now and their prompt service and willingness to help both customers are retailers is uncanny. We cannot say the same about some of the other exclusive international brands that are popular these days.

3.A pram and a stroller in one

Did you know this? The Mima Xari seatbox can store the carrycot inside which is both ideal and practical. Use the bassinet for the first 6 months so your baby can sleep peacefully while you are shopping, having lunch with friends or while you are busy in other areas of the house which are not close to your baby’s nursery. After this initial period, the seatbox becomes a better option and you can play around with the three different incline options and have your baby facing you or the outside world.

4.Weight and Size

After all these good points, it is also very important to consider the size of your car’s boot. Driving a Fiat 500? This pram may not be for your then! The Mima Xari can be folded easily but it is quite bulky regardless. The weight of the pram assembled is 13.4 kgs so once again, it is not the lightest out there but, it is a matter of coming into our store and having a good demo so you understand what space is required and what your car can carry.

To finalise our review, we would like to enumerate some of the Mima Xari’s main features which can assist during decision time:

To purchase your Mima Xari pram here or get in touch with us if you need further assistance