Our top tips for dressing babies in babygrows

It can be very tempting for anyone to begin stocking up on super cute baby clothes when the arrival of a new baby is announced. Is it the smartest thing to do though? It is important to note that babygrows are king when dressing young babies.

Comfort and practicality come first when talking about newborn clothes and babygrows are, without a doubt, a primary essential in every baby’s wardrobe. They are super comfortable, they wash well and, most of all, they are easy to get on and off when doing all the required daily nappy changes.

Tip number 01

When customers come to our store looking for babygrows, we advise them not to buy too many units of the same age group. We all know that babies grow amazingly fast and this often result in not having enough time to let your baby wear all his/her clothes.

Is there a good number that we recommend? Not really! It depends entirely on how quick the babygrows get dirty and how quickly you sort out your laundry. However, a good starting point is around 5 or 6 babygrows per age group for the first 6 months which we believe is a good number.

If we talk exclusively about the first three months, you might want to consider buying a couple of babygrows in a newborn size and some more in the 0/3 months size. Purchasing a couple of them in the smallest size is always advisable, you really don’t want to find your baby drowning in huge clothes during the first couple of weeks.

Tip number 02

A second aspect to consider when buying babygrows is how easy they are to take on and off. Considering how often you will have to change nappies… Trust us! You should not overlook this!

Front opening babygrows are always best. Studs and zips will allow you to dress and undress quickly and easily.

Tip number 03

Lastly, we need to discuss the fabric composition used in babygrows. In the rare case that your baby experiences some sort of skin allergy, you should try to stick to organic fabrics. These are softer and allow the skin to breathe better, so they will be gentle on your baby’s skin. One disadvantage though will be the price, as clothing made of organic fabrics are considerably more expensive.

Otherwise, you can opt for 100% cotton. Safe, comfortable and soft. It’s worth noting that all Koco Bino for Kids babygrows are made of cotton. We ensure that we offer the highest quality in all our fabrics without compromising style and comfort.

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